Reasons Why Depression and Anxiety Counseling is More Important than Medication

Anxiety and depression often leaves an individual in a discontented and sad mood, which drives them to feel unmotivated, lethargic or hopeless. In some instances depression can lead to suicidal thoughts. Depression can occur in a more chronic and major depression as well as in a mild-to-moderate form. Anxiety on the other hand plays a major role in the society as it accompanies our thoughts to spiral down to the worst possible scenario. Most victims are anxious about losing their jobs or about their friends deserting them. At times it is not easy for an individual to shake off the negative thinking patterns as a victim feels that people will judge them.

A number of studies have unearthed great ways of treating depression and anxiety. Counseling has emerged as a top and great method of treating depression and anxiety effectively. There are a number of people who have undergone depression and anxiety counseling and managed to get back to their normal lives. Here are reasons why it is important for depression and anxiety patients to undergo counseling as opposed to taking medication.

Counseling is More Effective than Anti-depressant Medication

Counceling sessionMost people suffering from anxiety or depression have a number of anti-depressant medications prescribed for them. They have saved a number of lives in the past especially for patients suffering from severe depression as well as helping them cope with life. However, research conducted over the past five years has shown that anti-depressants are not as effective as they were for placid to moderate depression. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) had in 2010 reported that anti-depressants had been over-prescribed and had become ineffective except in cases of extremely severe depression. JAMA also stated that the placebo effect was the source of symptom relief for the mild-moderate depression.

Anti-depressants are only prescribed after the depression has taken root meaning that patients will be more vulnerable to relapses if the medication were withdrawn. Medication only serves to relieve the symptoms of depression and it does not prevent any future anxiety and depression incidents. Anti-depressants have also shown some serious side effects in some people, which include suicidal thinking and serious health complications among elderly persons. This is the reason why counseling is being considered as the best bet for mild-moderate depression and anxiety.

Reasons Why Counseling is Considered as the Best Bet for Depression and Anxiety

A number of studies have come up to shore up the idea that depression and anxiety counseling is just as effective as the anti-depressants. There are a number of quarters that claim counseling could in fact be more beneficial and effective than the anti-depressants. A number of reasons have been forwarded to support these claims. First, counseling focuses mainly on the recovery from depression or anxiety as well as the prevention of future occurrences. This is possible through the advancement of mental resiliency skills supported through positive lifestyle changes. Counseling helps individuals dealing with depression and anxiety to make permanent effective and positive changes from deep inside. This helps them become self reliant and more confident with lower chances of relapsing.

How does Counseling Work?

Counseling works by teaching the affected person some important problem solving skills. These include overcoming negative expectations, assumptions and beliefs that make the hallmark of anxious thinking and depression. It helps people to cope well and develop an optimistic perspective by taking actions to make them feel self-empowered. This includes being more assertive and taking important steps towards achieving life goals despite feeling pessimistic or fearful.

When anxious and depressed people take some positive action despite their difficulties, they get positive results. They will feel better and start counting themselves as worthy people, which enhances their mental well being in the end. Depression and anxiety counseling helps people build support systems and relationships that are stronger to protect and strengthen them psychologically. Counseling helps in teaching people how to calm their own autonomic nervous system, which is the foundation for anxiety reduction and stress management. Counseling coupled with great lifestyle changes including vigorous exercise and healthy diet produces lasting anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects.

Bottom Line

All the above points are proof that depression and anxiety counseling is more important than taking medication as there are no chances for relapses or re-occurrences. Counseling is an important step to take as it is a natural way of improving your whole well-being. Click here to get started with your first counseling session.

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